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MONDAY 9th JUNE 2014

Professor Josef Neu MD The intestinal microbiome, inflammation, and neonatal morbidity  Not available
Professor Lyn Chitty Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis in routine clinical care: The opportunities, risks and the changing face of our subspecialty  Click here
Professor Andrew Hattersley The potential life-long implications of neonatal hyper and hypoglycaemia  Not available

TUESDAY 10th JUNE 2014

Professor Neena Modi The phenotype of the young adult born preterm Not available 
Professor Fionnula McAuliffe Maternal obesity: The maternal and fetal effects: can we intervene prenatally? Not available 
Professor Irene Roberts Haematological insights from Downs Syndrome  Not available 
Professor Basky Thilaganathan Timing of delivery in twin pregnancies   Click here 
Professor David Haslam What next for NICE?   Click here 
Professor Francis de Zegher Perinatal trajectories towards Obesity, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and the World Cup   Not available 
Professor Steve Robson

Prenatal investigation and management of the small for gestational age baby

 Not available


Professor Stephen Matthews   The role of prenatal programming and epigenetics on long-term childhood outcomes Not available
Professor Allyson Pollock The new NHS Click here  
Professor Scott Nelson Assisted conception in women with serious pre-existing medical complications: A bridge too far for maternal and perinatal mortality  Click here 
Mr Simon Eccles Reconstructing congenital craniofacial malformations Click here 
Professor Phillip Gordon Necrotizing enterocolitis Click here 
Professor Jonathan Wells The evolution of human adiposity  Not available
Professor Siddharthan Chandran Repairing the damaged brain   Not available 
Dr Etaoin Kent The role of maternally administered Magnesium Sulphate in the antenatal period for neuroprotection in the   premature baby Click here 
Professor Nikki Robertson Protecting the newborn brain: new avenues Click here